Strewth – where did that year (and another half for good measure) go?

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haveitWell, let it be known that whilst I am good at talking, I clearly do not take the time to type such thoughts and enter them to my blog. Do people read blogs anymore? Do people even use websites as much these days considering Facebook is probably more up-to-date with my content then my website, who knows. Perhaps this is the year things get going more from a social point of view, after all, there’s probably untold amounts of people who know little about me or the business, and what we can do in terms of design, local design too. A lot of my local clients have been approached directly by me, not the other way around, so perhaps now as another year passes, we’ll make it more apparent that there is a fine designer (I thank you) just on your doorstep. Plus Wickford, Essex hosts a whole multitude of different businesses, so it’s time to let the good people of my home town know just who is all on call to help them and their businesses when it comes to producing great design. Onwards I say, onwards!

And so it begins….again….

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It’s that time of the year for another website fresh – and who can blame me? With so much new work to show, it felt right to wrap it up within a nice responsive website. Well, I do like you lot!

It’s not going to be quick, it’s tough keeping things on ‘maintenance mode’ whilst you’re building it in the background, but I don’t want to be without my website anymore – it just doesn’t feel right!

We’ve made good progress today and we’ve managed to get a fair amount of work on, but we’re only scratching the surface, and I can’t wait until it’s all on there and looking fresh.