Guitar Interactive Design

11 years go, the launch of a new digital magazine required my services, and has ever since.

Magazine design


I’ve had and continue to have the pleasure of being the sole designer for Guitar Interactive Magazine. This has involved over the last 11 years taking from content from the editor and turning that into what we see today. Fast Approaching 80 digital issues, i’ve cut out many guitars, people and various products in that time and have done some rather funky spreads too – long may it continue!

11 years and counting

I’ve a great relationship with the entire team from Guitar Interactive and have continued to deliver 200 page plus magazines per month without fail. The strong team and the great desire to better the last, ensures I’m always pushing myself.


  • Indesign 100% 100%
  • Photoshop 100% 100%
  • Retouching 100% 100%

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